Sunday, December 22, 2013

Plant Manager/Operations Manager - Mirror Challenges at Calcables

Plant Manager/Operations Manager - Face Challenges Together With A Common Sense/Cents Approach:

Learn about the differences between a  plant manager and operations manager.


supply chain manager in warehouse
These two job titles are often used interchangeably and while they do indeed share many common traits, they each have a set of roles and purposes that are entirely unique.  These positions mirror each other, and are interdependent with each other.  The plant manager is considered a subset of operations management because it is just one part of the entire production operation. But they do share a similar end goal: to enhance the bottom line by reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.
How they achieve this at Calcables?
Plant Manager, Russ Hayward, is an integral part of the management at Calcables, pulling together the whole team like a "connect the dots" puzzle.   In a world where businesses are utilizing management techniques such as Kanban, JIT and Kaizen, our smaller business is combining the resources of the plant manager and operations manager with "common sense/cents" management.  It makes sense, because our management team is focused on the value of your "cents."
Operations Manager, Cheryl Benson, holds the giant bucket of fiscal responsibility while overseeing the whole picture and helping assign new development to the team, trusting the management to hone out the fine details and achieve the desired quality results.
Operations management focuses primarily upon activities that happen within a company's walls to manufacture a product or service. This includes formulating policies, managing the daily operations and workflow, overseeing workers, and participating in the design, planning and the physical production of the product. In short, it's the giant bucket that contains all of the smaller buckets of jobs necessary to complete the goal.
Calcables is in an exciting phase of growth  With managers skilled in working with external partners to procure parts and raw materials needed to produce the product, create the inventory, and sell the product to outside markets. Our professionals evaluate suppliers and negotiate contracts with vendors. Because this role is a vital necessity, you can see why our management team thrives under the umbrella of our management team. Without materials, there are no products to manage and no need for workers to make the products.
Get to know our team better and get the inside knowledge of our new products launching in 2014, by contacting our plant manager/operations manager for more details.

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