Monday, December 16, 2013

Scheduled Maintenance Saves Your Business Valuable Dollars

Implementing "lean" manufacturing processes includes the maintenance of your robotic welders and the two weeks prior to the new year, January 1, 2014, is an ideal time to plan for maintenance.  Robotic welders as a part of automation equipment produces major benefits to your business including cost reduction, improved efficiency and consistent quality.  To achieve these benefits, a thorough maintenance program should be maintained and implemented to ensure 100% efficiency of operations.
Preventative maintenance includes taking steps to ensure equipment is clean and in good condition and thereby eliminating breakdowns which result in down production lines.  Replacing power leads and ensuring you have an adequate inventory of power leads is vital to ensuring your assembly line has no down production time.  This may also include cleaning, painting, lubricating and adjusting parts.
  * Increased efficiency and speed of your welder.
  *Conserving on energy and life of your equipment.
  *Reducing costs associated with breakdowns - including cost of expedited parts and repairs.
  *Increased return on investment (ROI) and maximizing the life of your investment saving your time, costs and time of your employees.
Consignment Implementation is a program offered whereby your purchasing department can eliminate the need to manage inventory of your robotic welding power leads.  Calcables provides reports and automatic emails to purchasing allowing them to be alerted as to when supplies of any particular size power lead is low on inventory and can even automatically generate a purchasing order for recommended replacement which they will then approve and officially submit.
Regular maintenance consists of a simple daily inspection or more in depth maintenance on a scheduled basis.  Taking the time to make maintenance a priority and utilizing your welding cable partner, Calcables, your robotic welding equipment, spot welders, resistance welders will run efficiently and effectively.  Putting those valuable dollars associated with down time (actual costs for breakdowns are an estimated 4-5x more than routine maintenance costs) allows you to plan your budget concisely. Seriously, I don't know of a business owner that wants to forego purchasing new equipment or inventory due to unexpected valuable dollars that had to be re-allocated to breakdowns and down production lines.
All robots and automation equipment develop wear and tear over time, so maximizing their usable life makes sense both from a production and fiscal perspective. Don’t wait until your equipment is showing signs of failure, even a small component issue can create a ripple effect of major, long-term problems.
To better understand how Calcables can help your routine management of robotic welders, spot welders and various other pieces of equipment on your production line, contact us by clicking the "Calcables link" above, and let us start saving your business valuable dollars today.

Cheryl Benson - Calcables Chief Operating officer

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