Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Calcables New Management Team Focuses on Customer Service

CALCABLES announces it's new management team and we are focused on customer service, quality products and excellent pricing and delivery.   The two things that sets us apart from our competitors is consistently price and delivery.  Lets face it, in a tough economy, pinching pennies is crucial.  None of us wants to pay extra shipping charges or calculated increases in pricing.   That's where the keen eye of Cal's new Plant Manager, Russ Hayward, comes in.

Russ has a lifelong history of working in the welding industry, management and sales, which went together like peanut butter and jelly at Calcables.   Ensuring accurate, competitive pricing for our valued customers has allowed us to offer increased discounts and when you couple that with faster delivery times and special expedited shipping programs, we have a combination for successful customer service.

We look forward to launching new products under Russ' management and expanding Calcables to enable one stop shopping for all things "copper."

Not necessarily new to Cal Manufacturing, Inc., is Cheryl Benson - who loves the social media aspect of Calcables, and as much as we love the social media, we take our product seriously.  Over the past year, Cheryl has strategically placed Calcables in a position of increased buying power, allowing us to close the gap on lead times as well as offering increased discounts to valued customers.

If your business would like to benefit from utilizing Calcables as your welding consumables partner, for all products "copper", visit our website at www.calmfginc.com or contact us directly at calcables@aol.com
and let us show you what we can do for your business.

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