Monday, December 30, 2013

4 Business Resolutions for 2014

Watching television lately, it seems every other commercial is advertising gym equipment or a weight loss plan targeted to a consumer's success in 2014.  Smart advertising, right?  Everyone has their own checklist for making 2014 a better year by losing a few pounds, getting into better physical shape, etc.  Apply that to your business and it is slightly different, but the theme is definitely the same.  What's really "hot" for making business boom in 2014 that is worth a look?

1.  Google Search Engine, Google Plus, Etc.  Google recently stated that they do approximately two tweaks to their algorhithm every day.  If your business has the advertising dollars to spend, Google has the tools to push your website to the stratosphere.  Simply stated, you can outposition your competition just by having a better website, which translates into being able to offer better products, services and enhancing the visitor's experience to your website.

2.  The age of the "Smart Phone".   It can definitely be said that smart phones (Androids, iPhones, etc), have moved into the market and are here to stay.   Busy executives, management are utilizing the tools for "mobile status" to plan their day, execute email, run conferences, etc.  Every smart business owner is looking at the mobile website versions and applications they can offer to make visits to their website user friendly by mobile users.

3.  Actually looking at "Stats, Facts, and Audience" that your website is generating.  Where is your website traffic coming from?  Break that down further into what search engine they use to enter your site.  This is valuable information that Google is smart enough to recognize and make it simple and easy for any tech savvy or non-tech savvy business owner.  This is valuable information and a great tool to tell you what is working with advertising and what is not.

4.  SEO/social media sites and "grouping your statuses"  What does that mean?   Hoot Suite and several others have an all in one "tweet" if you will, to save busy business owners time and money by posting one status or tweet in one place in all of your social media sites all at once.  Hoot Suite is definitely easy to use and saves valuable time logging in to Twitter, Facebook, Google Places, Tumblr, etc., to put up your photos, sales, savings, discounts, new products, etc.  Wish I would have thought of that, but that's a whole different blog.

Of course, there are many other great places to push your business forward and advertise, advertise, advertise, just like Weight Watcher's and Bow Flex, catering to the audience of choice (couch potatoes?) to get them to buy your products.  Okay, so that is an easy example, that we can all understand and relate to, but when it comes to the computer and what tools to use and how to use them to target your market things get a little more difficult.   These are the easiest suggestions we can all use to push our business on the Internet and get going with some new resolutions to strive to thrive in 2014.

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