Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Products to Include Busbars and Insulated Busbars

Calcables is expanding its product line to include a wider variety of busbars and insulated busbars.  Insulated busbars are unique in that they have great application in control panels and switchgear when a larger, more bulky standard air cooled cable may be too large for efficiency.

When it comes to all products "copper" the CAL line of cables, power leads is expanding to serve a broader industry like energy suppliers particularly solar energy, switchgear, transformers, control panels and many others.

In an uneasy marketplace with business owners juggling the "no rhyme or reason" to the ebb and flow of sales this past year, producing and marketing new products is challenging; however, one thing we are sure of is that providing one stop shopping for a variety of our customers will engage a broader market and allow us to capture the needs of a changing world with hybrid cars becoming more popular, solar energy is making itself known and cropping up all over our State of Michigan, we see markets and possibilities instead of obstacles and warning signs.

Optimism is contagious and Calcables is excited to inject you with a share of our own individual optimism!  One business can support a variety of staff, vendors/suppliers in its community and nationwide (sounds a little like trickle down Reaganomics).  For that reason, we invite you to contact us as a supplier, distributor, OEM, production plant, to hook-up with a business launching new products that keep your production equipment up and running with excellent competitive pricing, outstanding delivery and a little bit of optimism included in each order.

FIELD OF APPLICATION: The Flexible Insulated Busbar  are designed for Nominal Voltage up to 1000V AC / 1500V DC and Working Temperature from -40 to +105 °C and are used to carry Electrical Current to Replace Electrical Cables and Copper Rigid Bus Bars in Power Connections and to Joint Low Voltage Electrical Components as Power Distribution Blocks, Electrical Circuit Breakers, Low Voltage Switchboards, Electrical Connections between Transformers and/or Electrical Panels and Bus Ducts.

Calcables - providing solutions to your copper laminated shunts individualized hole patterns to meet the needs of your equipment and insulated busbars providing a power lead in small, hard to fit places.  Click the links below to redirect you to our website and email for fast and easy pricing, delivery and technical information to assist you in finding the right power lead.

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