Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 FAQs Welding Cables For Resistance Welders, Robotic Welders

The most frequently asked questions at Cal Manufacturing, Inc "Calcables" provide solutions at your fingertips, technical resources and content.

1.       Can you produce a cable even if someone else manufactured it before?  The simple answer is yes.   Cables utilized in spot welding, resistance welding, robotic welding originate from the OEM; however, it is not necessary to track back the manufacturer of the original equipment.  In fact, you may find that the product we manufacture is actually more efficient and effective incorporating the newest technology as well as aftermarket follow up to ensure correct placement, bend radius recommendations, etc.

2.      How do I figure out the correct cable I need?  First off, look at your welding equipment.  If there is a lot of pulse, kick or vibration during the weld process, consider extra-flexible copper braided rope as it reduces breakage, fraying and pulling apart.   Second, to determine the MCM (circular mill size) you need to know the duty cycle, current and length of the cable (always measured bolt hole center to bolt hole center).

Find the closest duty cycle on the left and use the multiplier on the right - this will give you the continuous duty current of the cable.

In Diagram 1, locate the length and follow up to the continuous duty current, angle over and you will find the correct MCM (circular mill size).

1.       How do you measure a shunt?  This is always a good question and a valid one, at that.  Copper laminated shunts come in literally thousands of designs from very small to extremely large depending on their application.   The measurements of a shunt include the overall length (factoring in bend radii if applicable), width and thickness (less clips).

My production line is down due to cable failure.  Calcables has the ability to expedite same day shipping for down production lines or other urgent needs.  
NEW, this year is a 
*  Two-day expedited shipping program as well for anticipated urgent needs.  Life happens at any time of the day and we make your emergency our emergency.

2.      What MCM are our cables rated to?  150 MCM is typically the smallest circular mill size, 250, 300, 325, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 650, 750, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000 are all available.  Specialty cables are available in sizes not listed; however, these are the most commonly ordered circular mill sizes.  Larger MCM cables are often utilized in induction heating purposes and these are also available upon request.

Frequently asked questions related to resistance welding, spot welding, robotic welding power leads/jumpers are not exclusive to the above; however, these are definitely the top five.  Technical support related to recommended cable placement, bend radius minimums, high temperature are all questions the engineers at CAL can answer for your individual equipment, welding cell, robotic welding. Find the closest duty cycle on the left and use the multiplier on the right - this will give you the continuous duty current of the cable.

                                            Special (SPL) cables - available upon request

All cables are tested for water pressure, polarity extensively before shipping


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