Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Go Big Or Go Home - With the Swivel King

Swivel King...it's a trademark name that sounds like an 80's dance maneuver; however, it's actually a component of a welding cable specifically designed for the robotic welding industry.  

The automotive industry utilizes the Swivel King on a welding cable as it allows the weld head to twist 180 degrees in either direction.  Technicians working on placement of the robotic welders received the greatest benefit from the Swivel King due to the fact that with as little as 15 lbs of pressure the cable will twist 180 degrees relieving stress on the shoulders, arms and wrists.

This is good news when it comes to workman's compensation injuries that occur due to repetitive movements such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain and ligamentus type injuries to the shoulders and arms.

From the Design Phase

To the Implementation Phase...complete with aftermarket care and followup.

Regardless of your industry, the Swivel King is a solid investment saving valuable dollars over time in replacement cables, undue wear on the welding equipment and to prevent repetitive strain type injuries in manual jobs, choose the Swivel King welding cable for robotic welding equipment in automation

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